What to Look for in Price Sign Software and Some Popular Choices

The price signs you choose are an essential factor in selling when you own a business. There are some very useful applications on the market for creating great price signs easily and quickly, with little hassle. As well as the price sign software, you must have a good printer on hand. Before you go ahead and purchase your price sign printer, you must make sure it will work in collaboration with your chosen software.

Once you have a suitable price sign printer you can choose from a wide range of price sign software options to help make creating great signage simple and easy! Here are some things to look out for when selecting high-quality price sign printing software:

What you Should Look for in Price Sign Printing Software

Easy to Edit

Your chosen software needs to have a design package that is easy to use and produces the types of signs your business requires. If the user cannot work out the interface, or it’s too time-consuming to produce good looking signs, business productivity could begin to suffer which will have a knock-on effect throughout your business.

Simple to Manage

With your sign printing software, you want to be able to play around with high-quality images that will easily fit the design you’re going for, resulting in some impressive, eye-catching and informative price signs for your business. If you struggle to add the right images and information to your price signs, your designs can suffer. A known annoyance for some stores or butchers etc. is being able to have clear and concise nutritional and allergen information throughout each sign.

Pre-designed Templates

As great as it is to have the freedom to create a custom made sign, you may not have the time or expertise to do so from scratch. Maybe you lack the inspiration. Or maybe you just need to get some signs out there quickly and the unique design is not essential. Scenarios like these are where pre-designed templates can be a good choice.

The software can provide you with a catalogue of already created signs, all ready to print and use, making for a simple and fast way to have some great signage at your disposal. And just because these templates come bundled with the program, it doesn’t mean they won’t look great, you can find some very interesting designs, some of which may be better than what can be created with the custom option, as not everyone can be a design wizard! Some software options may even allow you to download more sign templates for free, too.

Popular Price Sign Printing Software

Edikio Price Tag Software:

Main Features:

With Edikio Price Tag Software, you can create innovative and professional price signs and tags that transform your business’s product displays. You are also able to pick up a three-in-one solution with everything you need to get started, such as:

•    A plastic card printer
•    Software for creating and printing price tags
•    Printing ribbon and specialist PVC cards for use in the food industry

The Edikio Price Tag Software allows you to save time as you can print high-quality plastic signs in seconds. This will let you update your price changes faster and print signs that display all your product’s required consumer information on-demand. Choosing the bundle will give you access to easy clean price signs that are resistant to cold and moisture, ensuring they’re hygienic. This is why they’re the perfect option to showcase your products in fresh food sections.

This user-friendly software also gives you efficient tools that allow you to manage your price sign designs. Whether you want to organise your information in categories or sub-categories, you have the software you need. The system also gives you detailed search tools that allow you to find any product information quickly and efficiently.

The easy-to-use Edikio Software is made to be used by everyone, from beginners to pros. You can:

•    Edit your signs and tags directly inside the software
•    Preview your tags, exactly as they will be printed
•    Easily manage your product categories and sub-categories
•    Edit your price signs with specialist design tools, and more.

CardExchange Price Tag Software:

Main Features:

Without the right software, creating food labels and price signs can be difficult. You may even be unable to create a design that you’re happy with. With the CardExchange® Price Tag software, you can print hygienic and durable price signs quickly. It’s a simple, easy-to-use system for creating high-quality price signs and tags.

We understand how important it is to display your product information clearly, this includes applicable allergen and nutritional information. With this software, you can print informative signs that clearly displays all the necessary information. Something that is much more difficult with handwritten, laminated signs and labels.

Using handwritten labels can also contaminate food products as laminated paper labels will peel apart, possibly damaging fresh food products. You can save time and produce better quality results using CardExchange® Price Tag software. This software’s features include:

•    Pre-prepared design templates in a wide range of sizes
•    Informative nutritional templates
•    Allergen information and high-quality images
•    Relevant unit measurements
•    Both 1D and 2D barcode support
•    Import data from your management system
•    Print price signs and tags on-demand using any printer
•    Easy-to-use drag and drop feature

Choosing the Right Price Sign Software

We also sell other popular software including Cardpresso and Cardexchange Go. However, these options are aimed at companies looking to design and print cards for other uses, such as price signs and company lanyards. Other card printing applications will be covered in a future blog post, so keep a lookout.

Carefully research your options and try to trial ones that may be of interest, and hopefully coupled with your price sign printer you should have an excellent way to print truly effective price signs for your business.