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Pridento Maintenance Kits

These Pridento Maintenance Kits are great for keeping your printers in prime condition, ensuring they are consistent and at their peak performance. If your business has Pridento printers, these maintenance kits will make sure your printers have a longer life span, ultimately saving you money , whilst also improving your prints.

Model: 704-1002
Pridento Printer Maintenance KitThe Pridento Printer Maintenance Kit is the perfect solution for maintaining the pristine condition of your Pridento 50mm Printer. This kit includes 10 cleaning cards and 1 ethanol cleaning pen. By effectively eliminating dust and dirt, this cleaning kit ensures that your printer consistently delivers at peak performance. Features and Benefits:•  Specifically designed for the maintenance needs of your Pridento 50mm Printer, ensuring optimal compatibility•  Effectively removes dust and dirt from your printer's compartments allowing a clean interior for consistent high-quality prints•  Guaranteed high performance delivering reliable results with use of this kitIncluded in this Kit:•  10x Cleaning Cards•  1x Ethanol Cleaning PenPrinter Compatibility:This Pridento Printer Maintenance Kit is exclusively compatible with Pridento 50mm printers...
Inc Tax:£31.50
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