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Our durable and cost-effective Price Sign Clips are perfect for any environment and can be placed on various displays of your business such as shelves, baskets and more. If you are looking for a product that is easy to install, very visible to customers, and has a professional and clean appearance, then these clips will meet all your needs.

Model: AC000020
Evolis Bottle Neck Price Sign Holder Clip (Pack of 10)Easily display your printed price signs with these Bottle Neck Price Sign Holder Clips. Clip them onto the neck of your wine bottles, champagne bottles, sauce bottles and more to give your customers the information they require. With a hinge to angle the price sign gripper, you can adjust it to suit your display needs.Apply these price sign holders onto bottles that are upright or vertical.Features and Benefits:•  Display price signs on bottles•  Hinged gripper allows for flexible display•  Clip the holders onto bottlenecks..
Inc Tax:£13.20
Model: 59-1230
H Gripper Price Sign Clip (Pack of 25)These H Gripper Price Sign Clips are ideal for adding your own personalised topper to your price signs. The H-shaped gripper can be slotted onto your price sign, whilst you can use the grip on the other side to display a smaller card that features any information you want your customers to know. This can include information such as offers, allergens, or more.Features and Benefits:•  Ideal for displaying a personalised topper•  Two card grips•  Pack of 25..
Inc Tax:£11.34
Model: 720-2012
Narrow Price Sign Clip 150mm (Pack of 10)These Price Sign Clips are ideal for clipping to your product displays and showcasing information. The deep paddle base allows you to clip these holders onto a range of surfaces, including bowls and shelves, whilst the gripper at the top of the clip means you can insert a printed price sign.With a height of 150mm, the two hinged mechanisms mean you can angle this clip whichever way suits you and the clear plastic material means they are attractive and easy to clean.Features and Benefits:•  150mm Height•  Clip onto your products and display your price signs•  Hinged mechanisms for angling the price sign•  Made from durable, hygienic plastic..
Inc Tax:£17.02
Model: 720
Price Sign Display Clip (Pack of 10)Price Sign Display Clips are available in two sizes and allow you to showcase your printed price signs on product displays that may be a little more awkward. Ideal for products that are stored in baskets, buckets, tubs, or wire shelves, these clips can be easily attached to the display area, and feature a second clip for displaying price signs.Made from durable polycarbonate plastic, these display clips can withstand high temperatures for heated product displays, and are highly durable to knocks. Available in a pack of 10.Available Sizes:•  90mm•  145mmFeatures and Benefits:•  Made from durable polycarbonate plastic•  Can be clipped onto baskets, buckets, trays, and other display areas•  Secure clip for displaying a price sign..
Inc Tax:£6.18
Model: 720
Ratchet Price Sign Holder Clip (Pack of 10)These Ratchet Price Sign Holder Clips are ideal for displaying price signs on products that are displayed in bowls, buckets, tubs, baskets and more. Made of durable plastic, they can easily be cleaned and reused.These clips are adjustable, with hinges at the top and bottom. The top of the clip is designed to slot over a rounded display unit, such as a bucket, whilst the top of the stand features a slot for inserting printed price signs. The clips are available in two sizes, with each size offering various heights thanks to its flexible adjustable hinges.The small clip measures between 75mm-90mm depending on the angle you require, and the large clip measures between 130-145mm.Features and Benefits:•  Flexible hinges allow for angled display•  Available in two sizes•  Made from durable, hygienic plastic..
Inc Tax:£15.74
Model: 59-1220
Wide Double Price Sign Clips (Pack of 25)Our Wide Double Price Sign Clips are ideal for displaying price sign tickets on bowls, buckets, baskets, tubs and much more. Featuring a clip at one end for attaching to a display area, and a clamp for inserting a price sign on the other.Made from clear plastic, they are hygienic and can be cleaned, and offer flexibility for angling the price sign clamp or the clip. Packaged in packs of 25.Available Size:•  100mm (Height) x 75mm (Width)Features and Benefits:•  Features a large clip for attaching to product displays and a wide clamp for price signs•  Flexible points at each end for angling on your display•  Made from durable, hygienic plastic..
Inc Tax:£31.50
Model: 59-1125
Angled Price Sign Clip (Pack of 25)Display your price signs with our versatile Angled Price Sign Clips. They are perfect for attaching to bows, buckets, tubs and much more! This durable and reliable clip allows you to attract your customers attention in a unique way due to the long clip making your product information extremely visible.Improve your customers shopping experience with these professional hygienic plastic clips that can be easily cleaned. Once you have created your price signs, simply clip them on, attach them anywhere around your shop and your good to go!Features and Benefits:•  Boost visibility of your products information.•  Durable clip built for all environments.•  Can adapt and clip onto bows, buckets, tubs and many more...
Inc Tax:£40.32
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