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Magicard Maintenance Kits

Our Magicard Maintenance Kits are perfect for businesses with printers that they would like to maintain. Keeping printers clean is a benefit to all businesses as these Kits boost the lifespan and consistency of Magicard printers saving you money.

Model: 704-1007
Magicard Retransfer Printer Maintenance Kit (E9887)This Magicard Retransfer Printer Maintenance Kit (E9887) is a comprehensive kit designed for maintaining the upkeep of your Magicard Prima 4, Helix, and Ultima card printers. This kit equips you with 10 cleaning wipes, 10 cleaning cards and 10 cleaning swabs, designed to remove dust, debris, and harmful oils from both the printer and printhead. Regularly using these cleaning cycles ensures best performance and also extends the lifespan of your printer.Features and Benefits:•  By regularly using this cleaning kit you can ensure optimal printer performance•  With 10 cleaning wipes, 10 cleaning cards and 10 cleaning swabs to eliminate dust, debris, and harmful oils from the printer.•  Beyond performance, this maintenance kit also contributes to prolonging the life of your printer and protecting your investmentIncluded in this Kit:•  10x Cleaning Cards•  10x Cleaning Wipes•  10x Cleaning SwabsPrinter Compatibility:The Magicard Retransfer Printer Maintenance Kit (E9887) is compatible with the following printer models:•  Magicard Prima 4•  Magicard Helix•  Magicard Ultima..
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