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View our high quality durable price sign stands, ideal for securely holding price signs to improve your businesses counter display. These stands are an attractive accessory to add to your shop, making price signs much more visible to your customers, and will add a professional touch to your displays.

Model: 59
Acrylic Price Sign Stands (Pack of 25)For the perfect in-store counter aesthetics, you can pair your printed price signs with our Acrylic Price Sign Stands. Available in two heights, these stands are ideal for presenting your product information on price signs whilst not taking any attention away from your attractive counter display.Featuring a wide paddle base for additional stability, these stands can be used in a number of product applications, including butchers, bakers, delis, and non-food retailers. They're unlikely to be knocked over, but don't take up too much space. They're also made from polycarbonate plastic, so they can withstand accidental knocks and won't melt in high heat environments.Available Sizes:​​​​​​​•  80mm (Height)•  120mm (Height)Features and Benefits:•  Easy price sign display: insert your printed price signs into the gripper and display product information to your customers.•  Hygienic: the easy to clean plastic means these crystal price sign stands can be sanitised, perfect for use with food products.•  Sturdy: the wide base means they're less likely to be knocked over, whilst the thin stand doesn't take up too much space.•  Durable: made from polycarbonate plastic, these stands are less likely to crack, and can withstand heat of up to 250° Celsius.•  Versatile: available in two different heights, so you can create a dynamic counter display and use these stands with all your products. ..
Inc Tax:£37.80
Model: 720-2008
Angled Price Sign Holder (Pack of 10)Angled Price Sign Holders are made of clear plastic and allow you to display price signs next to your products. With a flat base and a space to insert a printed price sign, you can showcase product information easily.The hinged insert means you can angle the price sign any way you wish, making these price sign holders ideal for a range of applications. Its small size means it won't take up crucial space on your counter display.Features and Benefits:•  Made from hygienic plastic, so they can be cleaned and reused•  Flat base for additional sturdiness•  Hinge mechanism for angling price signs..
Inc Tax:£6.00
Model: 720-2001
Deli Price Sign Holder (Pack of 10)Our Deli Price Sign Holders are a practical addition to your counter, buffet, and food displays. Made from transparent plastic, these stands are flexible enough to withstand your staff reaching into the counter case to collect products and are designed to ensure that crucial information such as prices, ingredients, allergens, and other essential details are presented clearly, making it easier for customers to notice and understand.Hygienic and easily sanitised, these plastic price sign stands can be cleaned between uses and reused to display alongside other products.Measurements and Dimensions:•  Height from base to bottom of sign holder: 9.5cm•  Height from base to top: 11cm•  Width of gripper: 8cm•  Depth of base: 9.5cm•  Width of base: 8cmFeatures and Benefits:•  They are easy to clean and maintain, keeping your food displays sanitary and safe for customers.•  Our transparent plastic price sign holders are durable and built to endure daily use without frequent replacements.•  These sign holders can be used repeatedly as they are easy to clean which reduces environmental impact and saves money...
Inc Tax:£10.72
Model: 59-1235
Dual Price Sign Holder - 2 CR80 Cards (Pack of 5)These Dual Price Sign Holders are ideal for displaying more than one card at once. Display 2 CR80 (86x54mm; standard credit card size) cards next to your products so you can add more information, such as the name of your product, a short description, a price, allergens and more. Combined with a price sign stand, you can add more information to your counter displays.This is an ideal solution for customers on a budget, as you don't need to upgrade your printer to produce longer price signs.Features and Benefits:•  Fits two CR80 (86x54mm; standard credit card) cards•  Made from plastic and easy to sanitise•  Display two price signs at once..
Inc Tax:£8.82
Model: AC
About High Metal Buffet Price Sign Stands (Pack of 5)These Metal Buffet Price Sign Stands are ideal for not just labelling buffets, but for displaying food on counter displays, placing alongside product displays on shelves, and highlighting products at your till. Made from durable, hygienic metal, these price sign stands allow you to display printed price signs with product information, and are heavy enough that they won't get knocked over. Available in two heights to ensure full flexibility for your display needs.Available Sizes:•  100mm (Height)•  180mm (Height)Features and Benefits:•  Made from metal that can be cleaned and sanitised between uses.•  Durable and heavy to ensure they can't be easily knocked over or broken.•  Available in two heights for dynamic counter display...
Inc Tax:£37.80
Model: AC000013
Low Metal Buffet Price Sign Stands (Pack of 10)These Low Metal Buffet Stands are ideal for displaying printed price signs. Made from metal, they are hygienic and can be cleaned between uses. Available in a pack of 10, these stands are small so they don't obscure your products, and feature a slight tilt to ensure your printed price signs are readable.Perfect for use in bakeries, delis, buffets, and more.Features and Benefits:•  Made from certified food-safe metal•  Slightly tilted to allow for easier reading of your price signs•  14.5mm width•  Pack of 10..
Inc Tax:£49.14
Model: 59
Magnetic Price Sign Stands (Pack of 25)These Magnetic Price Sign Stands are ideal for displaying printed price signs on metal counters. With a magnetic base, the stands remain sturdy so you don't need to worry about knocking them over when reaching into your display case.Made from hygienic materials, they can be cleaned and sanitised as needed, and the plastic card gripper allows you to display your printed price signs so your customers can find all the information they need.Available Sizes:•  80mm (Height)•  120mm (Height)Features and Benefits:•  Magnetic base for added sturdiness•  Made from food-safe materials​​​​​​​•  Featuring a plastic card gripper to display price signs•  Available in two sizes..
Inc Tax:£49.14
Model: 59-1200
Price Sign Display Short Stand (Pack of 25)These black Price Sign Display Stands are ideal for using alongside your counter display. Their short height means they won't obscure your products, and they're made from food-safe plastic to ensure they are fully compliant with regulations.Available in a pack of 25, the wide base of the stand makes them sturdy and reduces the risk of them falling over.Features and Benefits:•  Small enough to ensure your products are the main attraction•  Gripper to insert price sign•  Wide base for added stability•  Food-safe and hygienic..
Inc Tax:£25.20
Model: 720
Stainless Steel Price Sign Stands (Pack of 10)Our Stainless Steel Price Sign Stands are an ideal solution for showcasing your price and product information with elegance and durability. Designed from high-quality stainless steel, these price sign stands are perfect for any retail space.Available Sizes: •    75mm (Height)•    100mm (Height)•    155mm (Height)Features and Benefits:•    Our robust, hygienic and durable stands are built to last for years to come.•    Each stand features a stable base that keeps your price signs securely in place.•    The stainless-steel finish adds a touch of modern sophistication to any counter display setting.•    These price sign stands are user-friendly, allowing you to quickly insert and change signage as needed.•    Whether you're in retail, hospitality, or event planning, these stands are perfect for showcasing pricing, product information, menu items, or promotions...
Inc Tax:£27.72
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