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Price Sign Spikes

Our price sign spikes are perfect for businesses that want to improve the visibility of their perishable products, attract new customers, and increase sales. These easy to use price sign spikes are great for gaining an advantage over your competitors.

Model: 720-1003
About Metal Price Sign Spikes with Card Grip (Pack of 10)These Metal Price Sign Spikes are ideal for displaying price signs on food counters where space is minimal. With the sharpened edge, you can insert these spikes into food items such as cheese, bread, pastries, meat, fish and more, and the card grip allows you to display a printed price sign with all the product information your customers need to know.The metal spike means they can easily be sanitised and reused on other products, and all elements of the spike are entirely food-safe. The 4cm spikes mean you can insert them into a range of food products.Features and Benefits:•  Metal spike means they can be inserted into a range of food products•  Card grip allows you to display printed price signs with product information•  Can be sanitised between uses to avoid cross-contamination..
Inc Tax:£31.00
Model: 59-1250
Narrow Price Sign Spikes 80mm Height (Pack of 25)These Narrow Price Sign Spikes are made from food-safe plastic and are ideal for displaying with a range of products. Available in a pack of 25, you can insert these spikes into meat, bread, cheese, pastries, fish and more, and they can be sanitised between use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.With the card gripper, you can display printed price signs that contain a product title, product descriptions, allergens, prices and more. These spikes have a height of 80mm, meaning they can easily be displayed on your counters.Features and Benefits:•  Made from food-safe plastic and can be used with a number of products•  Featuring a card gripper for printed price signs•  Hygienic and can be easily cleaned between uses•  Display product information with printed price signs..
Inc Tax:£11.34
Model: 720-1001
Provision Pin Spikes 90mm (Pack of 10)Provision Pin Spikes are ideal for displaying price signs with a range of food products. With their sharp pin end, they can be inserted into products such as food, bread, pastries, meat, fish and more. Made from food-safe metal, they can be easily cleaned and sanitised after use and reused with different products.The circular metal top allows for a price sign to be held securely, displaying the information your customers need to know.Features and Benefits:•  Pack of 10•  90mm height•  Ideal for use with food display•  Secure clip for holding a price sign• Made from food-safe metal..
Inc Tax:£3.78
Model: 720-1004
Ratchet Pin Spike with Price Sign Grip (Pack of 10)Ratchet Pin Spikes are ideal for showcasing price signs on a range of products, such as meat and fish, or bakery items. The sharp pin is ideal for placing directly into food products, while the top of the pin features a gripper for a price sign. The adjustable gripper moves 300° backwards and forwards, so you can angle your price signs for easier viewing for your customers.Features and Benefits:•  Adjustable price sign gripper•  Moves 300° backwards/forwards•  Made from durable, hygienic plastic•  Ideal for sticking directly in food products..
Inc Tax:£15.74
Model: 59-1205
Wide Price Sign Spikes 100mm Height (Pack of 25)Our Wide Price Sign Spikes are the perfect solution for effortlessly showcasing your products while providing essential information such as price of your products, a short description, allergens, promotional offers and any other information that would benefit your business. Insert these spikes directly into your food products such as bread, pastries, meat, fish and more.Features and Benefits:•  These sign spikes are specially designed to accommodate your larger product cards without obstructing or covering your products•  Our spikes firmly hold your cards in place, preventing accidental slips or falls•  These sign spikes are easy and simple to use..
Inc Tax:£14.40
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