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Intelligent Food Labelling Bundle
Intelligent Food Labelling BundleWith strict allergen requirements in place across the UK, it's crucial to correctly label your food products. Our Intelligent Food Labelling Bundle allows you to do that with a quick and simple process. The bundle contains a POS terminal with Label Touch software, a thermal label printer, and a roll of 1,000 labels pre-printed with your branding to get you started.The built-in software allows you to add in and store your products, including the name of your product, a short description, all of the ingredients in your food and more. With the ingredients, the software is set to automatically bold the font and make it more obvious to your customers. You can also add in the weight of each product, a best before date, and a barcode for scanning. For optional peace of mind, you can choose the monthly cloud-based subscription that offers ingredients for a range of common products, such as condiments and extras. Add ingredients for your baked beans without having to search for them and add them manually!Included in this bundle:•  High Production Thermal Label Printer with Peel Cutter•  Pre-Loaded POS Terminal•  Cloud-Synced Label Touch software•  Monthly subscription for access to ingredient lists and cloud syncing (Optional)•  Full printer and software installation and setup with a member of our technical support team•  Roll of 1000 12x6cm pre-printed labels (with your company logo)Features:•  Built-in software on a POS terminal to store product records•  List ingredients on product labels•  Automatic differentiation of allergens•  Labels with your branding..
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