There is an urgent need for larger, clearer product information and price signs in display cabinets and on self-service stands. Since customers now have less freedom to roam and browse in shops, product displays with bold, eye-catching and easy-to-understand signs and labels have become essential in shop-floor product marketing.

Retailers have adopted innovative ways to improve their product displays to maximise sales under the new post-lockdown restrictions.

When the pandemic hit the UK, non-essential ‘bricks and mortar’ shops temporarily closed in late March. In April 2020, the overall volume of retail sales fell by 18.2%, which followed a disastrous March, in which sales fell by 5.2%.

However, in April 2020 online sales reached a record-breaking 31% (compared to 14% in April 2019).

What can independent shops do to strengthen their businesses?

So far, 2020 has been terribly difficult for shop owners. Improving your shop floor and product display sales tactics will help you recover.

Product information can help to spruce up countertop and cabinet displays to boost selling power. They provide food retailers with enough space to include clear allergen and other product information, so you no longer need to spend time discussing ingredients, origins and other selling points during busy periods.

How has social distancing changed product displays in shops?

Customers don’t want to touch products because they want to minimise their risk of catching Covid-19. Retailers also want to avoid people touching their stock to help prevent the spread of the virus. Nobody wants to become a local coronavirus hotspot.

Product information and price signs are designed so you can display clear facts and figures about your goods, so that information can be seen from a distance. They have a pristine, clean and shiny appearance with plenty of space to display extra information and icons. They are heatproof and extremely hygienic.

Our card printers are easy to use, automatically create a product database as you add new items or change prices, and are fully supported by our team. 

The product information and price sign design templates include various tables and icons that can be seen and understood without needing to huddle around your product display or pick up a product. They make it easy to clearly communicate the inclusion or exclusion of allergens.

Getting more sales from your in-store product displays

Price signs increase the visibility of product-specific special offers. Special deals and promotional price signs are large and bold enough to spot from a distance. Customers are always drawn to bargain prices, so make sure they can see them!

Are your unique selling points visible from a distance? Do your customers know which of your products are locally sourced, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free or free-range when they are several metres or more away from the shelf or counter? Printing large, branded, product-specific signs as you need them enables you to ensure that selling points are prominent and can be seen from a distance on all your product displays.

Using price signs to convert queuing areas into sales areas

Social distancing causes customer queues, more waiting, and less strolling around. Reposition and dress your product displays so they can be seen, and are accessible, from waiting areas. Visibility is everything if you want to tempt your customers to buy more.

Printing your own product display signs

Our printed cards can save you so much time – and improve presentation. There’s no need to hand-write cards. Tatty cards with marks left from previous use should be a thing of the past. Your product information and price signs can be heat-resistant so you can even use them inside hot counters.

PriceSignPrinters price sign design and printing systems are user-friendly. The graphics/image library is easy to use and you can add your own images too. You don’t need to be artistic or have any training in design; it has all been done for you.

If you really don’t want to have a product information/price sign printer in-house, we can print signs for you. 

Positioning your product display signs

Carefully consider what to display at various heights. There is a reason why confectionary is often displayed low down near tills in family-oriented shops! Displaying your products across a range of eye levels can bring a new look to your queuing area and can boost sales.

Make sure your product displays have focal points. This could be the product itself or a bold, brightly coloured product information sign to draw the eye. The further away your display is from your customer queuing area, the more visual impact your product display will need to be noticed.

Our product information and price signs are designed to draw your customers’ eyes. There is a range of colours, materials and finishes that are perfect for creating tailored, clear, bright and professional-looking signs for all your product displays.

Using product displays to improve your customer experience

Sampling food in-store is less attractive now and could be considered a health hazard while Coronavirus remains in circulation. Customers no longer want to spend huge amounts of time in shops browsing, so having product displays with a strong visual impact and information that is read at a glance is vital. Signs need to have all the necessary information where it can easily be seen.

How can shop owners make their price sign displays more customer-friendly?

Today, when owners are scrambling to change their stores to comply with social distancing guidelines, the visual impact of big, bright and easily understood product displays has never been so important.

Social distancing on the shop floor makes it difficult for customers to wander from product to product when they see something they like – and many customers want to minimise the amount of time they spend in-store.

Creating larger display signs helps to bring your products to your customers – because they can see them from as many places in your shop as possible.

Adding more clear information to your window dressing promotes the items you’re selling inside your shop to passers-by – and, if this is done well, will increase the footfall within your shop.

Bold, standout displays that include prices, multi-buy deals, ‘free from’ or cause-related information will build an intent within your customers before they enter. They will know that your products are within their budget and that you have what they need in-store.

Make sure your signs are eye-catching, clear, understandable and easy to read – with or without glasses.

Apple Pie Price Sign

Here are a few ideas to improve your shop’s product displays:

•    Get creative – Think outside the box about new product information displays and how you can make your store more appealing. Price sign and product information display range is perfect for giving your customers clear information and pricing from a distance.
•    Helping customers – Sometimes you are asked the same questions by numerous different customers. Use our product signage to answer frequently asked questions. This is particularly important when you’re busy or simply short-staffed.
•    Bigger is eye-catching – Increasing the size of your product displays and product information/price signs draws attention and ensures that product information is available at a glance. Increasing the font size of your product and price signs, changing the colours and using easily recognised icons all help to reduce the length of your sales cycle.
•    Clear messaging – Clear, concise marketing messages and product descriptions help your customers to make faster purchasing decisions.

A proportion of your annual sales depends on your product displays and the visibility of product information. Visit our online website to help you improve your counter displays!